Here is a picture of the home I have lived in with my Mom, Dad and two brothers since I was 4 years old. Just thinking about this home nearly makes me cry because of all the amazing memories…What is so awesome about it? It’s beautiful. My parents built this house so we are the only family to ever live there. It has amazing front and back yards as well as an abundance of woods to explore all around. And finally, my loving family lives inside of it. This piece of property is so special to me that after 4 years of primarily living in College Station, I still consider this house my home. Little compares to the feeling of peace I get when I roll up the driveway in my car after being away in College Station. I’m not a very sentimental person but if my parents were to sell our house, first, I would cry. And then, from time to time, I would sneak inside of it and go sit in my room. Actually, my parents will never sell it. I won’t let them.


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