Sustainable Development


The most interesting thing to me about the building at One Bryant Park is the use of natural air flow. The design of the building uses natural air flow and green spaces to dramatically reduce the amount of energy needed to cool and air condition the building. On top of that, a filtration system inside One Bryant Park Tower actually filters the air that enters the building, leaving the air cleaner when it exits the building than when it entered. It’s really cool because that effectively makes the building a giant air filter for the City of New York. This way, the city is not only economically better off because of the building, but also environmentally better off. Here’s the link to the video of One Bryant Park…





In the United Arab Emirates, near Abu Dhabi, a city is being developed as a renewable energy initiative. It has businesses, retail centers, research facilities and residents who desire to live in a place with sustainable development. To create an entire city focused on sustainable development is fairly radical in and of itself, however, this is likely where the future is headed. To meet their goal of maximized sustainability, the city of Masdar utilizes simple ideas which have a large effect over time.

Masdar For example, it’s buildings were constructed with an orientation to the sun which maximizes shade and wind, keeping cooling costs down. Next, it has a wind tower that brings cool air down into the middle of the city to cool it’s center down. Simple ideas (and other more advanced ideas also) make the city of Masdar the sustainable city of the future. While already developed cites cannot implement many of the changes to become as sustainable as Masdar, many sustainable features of Masdar will likely be integrated into older, bigger cities. Meanwhile, if Masdar turns out to be a success, more sustainable cities should be developed. Still, Masdar only has 9,000 residents living inside. However, the developers want to eventually populate the city with up to 90,000 people. 



What intrigues me are the extremely simple ideas that work so well. There’s nothing fancy about creating ice while it’s cooler at night to melt during the day to cool down a building. That’s just a novel idea which works really well. At One Bryant Park Tower in New York City, the Calmac IceBank Tanks help make the building as sustainable as it is.